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Senecio cineraria


Perennial - Grown for its silvery gray furry foliage. Leaves are covered with fine matted hairs on both sides, giving them a felt-like or woolly appearance in silver or white.Best planted where afternoon shade is available during the hottest months of summer.


Benefits: Drought Tolerant, tolerate frost


Dusty Miller / Silver Dust

  • Temperature: 40° - 80°F 

    Light: Full sun - part shade

    Size and Growth: 12' tall and wide

    Flowering and Fragrance: Flowers bloom in midsummer, the small yellow blooms are small and not considered showy.

    Water and Fertilizer: Water when 1 inch is dry. Indoor plants in indirect sunlight need even less water.

    Grooming:  Prune midsummer trim if the plant becomes leggy.

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