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Hemigraphis alternata


Its small stature makes purple waffle plant an ideal houseplant for decorating beside tables, countertops, and desks. Because it's low growing, you can also use purple waffle plant as a groundcover underneath taller indoor plants, such as ficus trees.


 Benifits: Air purification

Purple Waffle Plant

  • Temperature: 65F - 85F

    Light: Bright indirect light, shaded from direct sun

    Size and Growth: 6-8″ tall, 12-24″ wide 

    Water and Fertilizer: Keep consistently moist at all times, don't over-water. Fertilize purple a couple of times a year (at minimum)

    Grooming: Prune if stems get too long or scraggly

  • Whiteflies/scale. Root rot & mildews possible

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