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Tropaeolum majus


Nasturtium is native to Mexico and Peru, who ate the whole plant as a salad vegetable. Victorians pickled nasturtium buds like capers and used them to season food.


Nasturtiums prefer cooler weather, so in warm climates grow plants in partial shade (4-6 hours of sun)


Editable options:

Snip off blooms and young nasturtium leaves and sprinkle them on salads.

Use as an edible garnish in cocktails.

Grind nasturtium leaves into pesto.


  • Temperature: 55º-65º F (MAX 80ºF)

    Light: Full to Partial shade 

    Size and Growth: Mounding nasturtiums form bushy

    Flowering and Fragrance: They may be single or double-blooms, and they come in a slew of colors including orange, yellow, maroon, red, pale yellow and white.

    Water and Fertilizer: Water regularly. Nasturtium gets ratty-looking and stops blooming fast if it gets too dry. Do not fertilize; overfeeding will put out lots of leaves and not many flowers.

    Grooming: Clip off faded flowers to keep them blooming

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