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Dracaena sanderiana


Light: Full Sun -Partial shade 

In Soil: Fertile, slightly acidic, well drained but moist soil.

In Water: Use a layer of pebbles to stabilize the stems of the plant and hold them in place. Add enough water to keep the roots covered. Will thrive in a vase or other vessel. Change the water weekly and clean the vessel if you notice algae.


Toxic to animals

Love Bamboo

  • In Chinese culture, when two stalks of bamboo are paired they represent love and the duality of life, such as Yin and Yang. 
    Love Bamboo attracts positive energy bringing more love and harmony into your life.

  • Bamboo needs adequate moisture, more than is usually provided by ambient indoor air.

    Yellowing leaves could signify that the plant has become root-bound and needs to be repotted into a larger container to give the roots room to spread out.

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