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Calathea Rufibarba (Goeppertia rufibarba)


A native plant of the Amazon rainforests in Brazil.

This plant has long, slender, and wavy leaves that are light green when young. As the leaves mature, they transition into darker green upper side and maroon to burgundy below. The stems and the leaves’ underside are covered in hair-like fuzz.


Calathea anulque

The Calathea anulque variety of plants is a tropical, leafy variant endemic to Ecuador. The plant is endemic, meaning it doesn’t grow anywhere else natively.


  • Temperature: 65 - 85°F Humidity: 60%+

    Light: Low light to indirect

    Flowering and Fragrance: Produces yellow, white, and purple flowers throughout the summer -rarely blossom indoors

    Growth Size: 3" inch height and width

    Water and Fertilizer: Damp conditions, does not like to dry out and should be watered when no more than the top half-inch of the soil has dried out. The plant may need less water during the winter when it is not actively growing.

  • Spider mites, thrips, mealybugs, and whiteflies

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