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Codiaeum variegatum


Indoor is a slow growing less than a foot per growing season.

Croton plants grow best outdoors in warm, humid climates and can reach around 8 feet tall.


  • Temperature: 55℉ - 80℉ Humidity: 40% - 80%

    Light: Bright, indirect light

    Size and Growth:

    Flowering and Fragrance: Leaves can be short, long, twisted, thin, thick, and several of these combined. Colors range from green, variegated, yellow, red, orange, cream, pink, and black to a combination of all these.

    Water and Fertilizer: The croton plant requires frequent watering, but be sure not to over-water. Slow-release fertilizer 3X per growing season: early spring, midsummer, and early fall.

    Grooming: Wear gloves to avoid contact with the milky sap, as it may irritate your skin.  Prune in the spring. To remove individual leaves, snip the petioles or short leaf stems as close to the main stem as possible without grazing it. To trim soft stems and woody branches, make 45° angle cuts above a leaf node or the bump where one once grew. 

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