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Physalis philadelphica

Indoor Sow: 6-8 weeks before planting your seedlings outdoors. After germination, place them in a slightly cooler location

Transplant: 3 - 4 inches tall, and the nighttime temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. Plant the seedlings deep with only the topmost leaves above ground. Don’t grab the seedling by the stem when removing it from the pot. Don’t plant in hot, sunny weather. Do thoroughly water seedlings after transplanting them, and again every few days until they become established. Use a 10 Gallon container for higher yields.

Outdoor Sow:  Around 2 weeks following the average last frost date.

Fertilizer 5-10-10 : Every 2 weeks half-strength organic fertilizer. Side-dress once when fruit begins to set and again after the first harvest. 

Harvest: Allow tomatoes to ripen on the vine. Skin will turn from dull to glossy when ready to Harvest. Color will vary between varieties but a ripe tomato will have a deeper color, and feel firm when gently squeezed.

Mulch: 1” compost, straw, dried leaves, or shredded newspaper

Pests issue: Cut the stem of the flower cluster and store tomatoes in a paper bag until ripe. Do not store tomatoes with bites, cracks, and bruises. 


  • Days to Maturity: 120 Days

    Sow in Sun - Two or more plants are required for the plants to blossom. 

    Water: Daily, early in the growing season. High heat, twice a day

    Soil pH: 5.5 - 7.5

    Germination: 65° - 85° 

    Tempature: 70-95° / 50° Min 95° Max (F°)

    Plant Spacing: 24" - 36"

    Container Friendly: 5” Deep , Support structure

  • Nasturtium, Marigolds,  Basil, Yarrow, Garlic, Borage, Onion, Peas, Hot Peppers, White Alyssum

    Foes: Brassicas, Dill, Fennel, Corn, Potatoes

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