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There is always room for One more!

Welcome the latest addition to your growing plant collection

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Our Story

“There’s always room for one more” is the motto of Dirty Transplants, a new, women-owned, home-grown garden business dedicated to bringing the joy of gardening to everyone no matter the space or skill-level.

We grow and sell indoor and outdoor ornamental plants and vegetables to promote gardening as a skill, hobby, and source of food for everyone even in the smallest spaces.

Dirty Buddies

jacelyn _sedem.jpg

"This spot was waiting for this plant… it's been lovely talking with you both this market season."

- Jacelyn 

"Love all of my purchases! I enjoy this business and we always have a laugh or ten! The inventory of plants is always plentiful and beautiful! Thanks for always showing love + support for B and P!"



"I have that fern bb now and they are so happy. Thank you for your kindness."

- Nae

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